Food for Thought - Ross's Column - 3rd May

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Food for Thought - Ross's Column - 3rd May

Post by Ross on Sat May 03, 2008 7:52 pm

As far as the forum goes, it's been a fairly eventful week. All these headlines and news, plus the constant updating of features is very taxing!
The fact that we've had one or two problems with the headlines box this weekend hasn't helped, so unfortunately that looks set to be down for the rest of the weekend.
We said toodles to the chatbox at the bottom of the homepage last month, but it's back by popular demand! As always, you can read more in the Forum Updates section, and in our monthly newsletter at the halfway point of every month.
The week in motorsport, since Sunday, has been relatively uneventful to add to the dulling atmosphere, but this weekend is one of those increasingly rare ones where we see two major motoring events coincide with each other. In this case we have the MotoGP Chinese GP and Rounds 7, 8 & 9 of the BTCC at Donington.

It's always great to see coverage of both now fully on terrestrial TV or freeview, so nobody has to tune in to pay-to-watch channels. ITV4's excellent coverage if the BTCC has lasted for the good part of 5 hours for the last two rounds, and will be equally long and in-depth this Sunday, starting at 12:30. It's also great to see support races televised that would otherwise have no recognition, like the Genetta championship and Formula Renault UK.
Donington will have a lot to live up to after the last races in Rockingham in the rain, so let's see how it goes.

As I type, Colin Edwards is on provisional pole for tomorrow's MotoGP Grand Prix of China, the first time Jorge Lorenzo hasn't been in his career, although the Spaniard is recovering from an arm-op last week. Bridgestone have done a good job, but we'll see how the front row of qualifiers fare in the race, with Stoner, Lorenzo and Pedrosa all set to challenge Edwards and co.

The Spanish GP [F1] was exciting, with both McLaren drivers standing out - Hamilton because of his pace up against Felipe Massa's Ferrari, and Kovalainen because of that now infamous 140mph horror smash at turn 9.
I won't dwell on that for now, however, because I'm gearing up for a thrilling Sunday of motorsport (I'm about to leave for Tesco to get a six-pack of Red Bull and a family sized bag of McCoy's).

Despite the odd malfunction on the site, we will, as always, update the news page, so be sure to visit there over the weekend for the top headlines, and we'll have the headline feature back up and running ASAP.

Watch this space.

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